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BE-GE 86-52/86-53.1

The Be-Ge 86-52 /86-53.1 and HBC seats are static driver seats suitable for buses and railway traffic. The basic 86-52 model has a generous height adjustment on the backrest cushion, which is done with a single lever, and length adjustment of the seat cushion.

The lumbar support is infinitely adjustable, which provides a constant softness, even when adjusted to its maximum point.

The 86-53.1 features a 3-point belt on the right or left hand side and a specially adapted Rotolift. This driver seat has been tested and approved according to 76/115/EEC.

The HBC-variant has a high backrest and integrated head support. This will give complete support for the whole back, from the pelvis to the neck. The high back can be added to both the 86-52 and the 86-53.1.


  • Armrests
  • Headrest
  • ”Airvent”
  • Electrical heating
  • Various turning devices