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Grammer RoadTiger Luxury MSG115/933

The RoadTiger Luxury is a driver seat in a class of its own. Both in terms of its feature set and its look, it is an absolute highlight in the cab. Its upholstery is made from genuine high-quality leather of a type also found in the automotive luxury class. In addition, it comes with an active seat climate system to ensure that the seat always has the perfect temperature. The climate system removes moisture from the body, preventing the driver from sitting in a pool of sweat at the steering wheel. On cold days, the seat heating system provides pleasant warmth.

A further special feature of the RoadTiger Luxury is the adjustable side support for the backrest and seat cushion, ensuring that the seat can be set even more individually to meet the driver’s needs.

The RoadTiger benefits from a high-performance air suspension with a high weight range of up to 190kg; ideal for drivers of different weights and heights. With an adjustable shock absorber, automatic weight adjustment, and a variety of seat adjustments in the backrest and base, this seat provides the user with maximum comfort in their vehicle.


  • Premium air suspension
  • 55mm suspension stroke
  • Air-assisted 145mm height adjustment
  • Automatic weight adjustment 50-190kg
  • Adjustable shock absorber
  • Fore & aft isolator
  • Fore & aft adjustment - 220mm
  • Quick down
  • Integrated 3-point seat belt with height adjustment
  • Tilt adjustment
  • Adjustable backrest angle & side support
  • Pneumatic shoulder adjustment
  • Pneumatic lumbar support
  • Integrated headrest
  • Adjustable seat cushion depth, angle & side support
  • Seat heating
  • Active climate system
  • High-quality leather upholstery


  • High-comfort foldable armrests



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